Venue Change

We're moving to the gorgeous Uránia National Film Theater (Uránia theater, for short), located at Rákóczi út 21, 1088 Hungary (view on Google Maps).

Inside the Urania Theatre auditorium

Uránia mozi is a historic cinema located in Budapest, Hungary, known for its beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere. The venue has a rich cultural heritage and is a popular destination for film screenings, concerts, and conferences. Uránia Filmszínház offers an intimate and cozy setting, which can create a focused and engaging atmosphere for conference attendees. The historic charm of the venue also adds a unique and memorable element to the conference experience.

It's worth noting that Uránia mozi holds a special place in our hearts, as it was the venue for the very first JSConf Budapest. We have cherished memories of that time. Let us share the amazing vibe of this place that we love so much!

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