Oh No I'm Stuck! A Guide to Detangling a Complex Codebase

Good news: You are a new joiner in your dream company or picking up an exciting new JS project.

Bad news: You are stuck trying to comprehend the whole system. Much like an actual spider web, complex codebases are intricate systems made up of lines of code, each telling their own story. Cue doubts and imposter syndrome.

But even better news: The great news is that we are comfortable with breaking down complex problems and systems into smithereens as engineers, with a codebase being no exception. In this talk, we will discuss some strategies that are essential to understanding and finding clarity in complex codebases.

Toluwanimi Ajewole

Toluwanimi Ajewole is an engineer who aspires to share her knowledge of programming and collaboration within software engineering teams. She currently works at N26 Bank as a senior web engineer in Berlin, Germany.