Evolving JavaScript: Cultivating Genetic Algorithms for Creative Coding

When was the moment you first realized that coding was pure joy? We all need a well-deserved break from feature releases, meetings, bug fixes, tech debt, and 10X burnout! Join me in exploring delightful, interactive experiences, inspired by nature, that we as JavaScript developers can create with our everyday coding skills. We’ll learn about genetic algorithms, what they’re good for, and how to code with them, including a demo. Adding state machines and generative art into the mix, our small step into the world of AI programming will enable us to produce problem solving agents that are as intelligent as they are beautiful!

Kevin Maes

Kevin started programming back when Flash animation was the new hotness, working at startups in Tel Aviv. He’s done development, consulting, and engineering management at NYC companies like Giant Machines, NBC Universal, and Thomson Reuters. He is currently building Stately Studio as an engineer at Stately.ai. Kevin moved to Spain last year with his family where he enjoys good food and sunshine.