Infinite Patterns in the Digital Canvas: Unleashing Creativity with JavaScript in Algorithmic Art

This talk highlights the transformative role of JavaScript in creating dynamic, self-generated artworks. Delve into how libraries like p5.js, Three.js, and Paper.js are empowering artists and programmers to push the boundaries of digital creativity.

We'll journey through the evolution of algorithmic art, showcasing how JavaScript enables the creation of intricate patterns and complex visual compositions. The presentation will feature engaging examples and demonstrations, illuminating the power of JavaScript in crafting interactive, ever-evolving art pieces. Concluding with practical insights and resources, this talk is a gateway for anyone eager to explore the fusion of art and code in the digital age.

Francisca Beatriz Medina Concha

Specialized in graphic design, UX/UI, media arte and web development, I have garnered experience in both corporate and educational sectors. As an active volunteer at JSConf Chile, Fundación Antonia, Technovation Girls, and Women Who Code, I am recognized for my communication skills, leadership, and commitment to inclusion in STEAM. I possess a proven track record in teaching and simplifying complex technical concepts. My active participation in tech communities and a unique perspective on user interaction design position me as an influential voice in merging algorithmic art with programming, particularly in JavaScript.