The Actor Model, Behind the Scenes

Let's set the stage. You have a complicated application with many parts that need to work together, and you want to avoid making your code an unscripted mess. Enter the Actor Model, a very old concept that is relevant now more than ever. In this talk, you'll learn how the actor model orchestrates tasks, ensuring each actor knows its part, communicates effectively, and remains isolated from potential mishaps. We'll rehearse with some practical, visual demos showing how actors can be useful in the frontend, backstage (er, backend), and everywhere in-between, so that your code can give its very best performance.

David Khourshid

David is a software engineer who loves playing piano and is passionate about animations, state machines, cutting-edge user interfaces, and open-source. Previously at Microsoft, he is now the founder of, a startup focused on making even the most complex application logic visual and accessible to developers and non-developers alike.