We're Not Robots: A Developer's Journey to Success, Creativity, and Avoiding Burnout

Ever pondered what it takes to unlock your full potential as a developer? Venture into the realm where hiring managers' expectations and social media buzz intersect. In a world that seemingly demands developers to live and breathe code 24/7, we will challenge the notion that perpetual coding is the sole path to success.

In this session Amanda will explore her personal dev journey, challenging the notion that being a successful developer requires non-stop dedication. Drawing from research insights, she will delve into the cognitive needs of our brains, emphasizing the importance of creating space for creativity and passion in every pursuit. We will also explore the developer workday, proposing strategies for both developers and managers to foster an environment that nurtures creativity and ensures a balanced and fulfilling professional life. Join us in reshaping the narrative around developer productivity, creativity, and burnout.

Amanda Martin

Amanda is a developer advocate for Wix and Open Source enthusiast supporting the EddieHub Community. She had worked previously in web and software development all over the stack. At her core, she is a creative problem solver and passionate about developer experience and success. In her free time you can find her spoiling her dogs, cycling, and testing new recipes.