2024 will be the 6th time when we're running our Scholarship Program! As every year so far, we'll provide several free, Scholarship tickets to help underrepresented groups in tech to attend the conference.

Anyone from an underrepresented group in tech is invited to apply for a scholarship. This includes but isn't limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships. We want to give them a chance.

This Scholarship is made for you if you wished to attend JSConf Budapest, but you could not afford it for some reason.

Travel Support

During the evaluation of applications, the jury will select some Scholarship awardees for travel support. This means we'll cover their travel and stay in Budapest. This is also funded by our Scholarship Budget, which is limited. If you can arrange your trip or stay in Budapest, let us know, and more people will have the opportunity to receive a Scholarship.

The application period is closed on March 24th, Sunday midnight.

Where is the Scholarship Budget coming from?

The budget is filled by generous donors, both from the Attendees and our Partners.

Attendees can sponsor the Program with buying Supported tickets. Both Early Bird and Regular tickets are available in a Scholarship Supporting variant. This means that the ticket price includes a percent of a supported ticket that will be given to someone in need.

Let's see this ticket for example:

Regular JS Ticket + 50% Scholarship Support = €675
450 EUR + 225 EUR + Fees

This means, if you buy this ticket, you support the Scholarship Budget with an extra 50% of your ticket price.

We've set several levels of sponsorship: 25%, 50%, and 75%.

10% of every Partnership package goes directly into the Scholarship Budget. So all of our partners become donors to the Program. If your company is interested in participating, check out our Partnership opportunities.

Why is this good?

Scholarship Support is not money for a party, nor for fancy catering, or a nice booth.

It is a chance for someone.

We try to reach as many people as possible in the community around the region, and we are working hard, to make this event available for everyone who is interested. But we know many in the region would, but cannot attend such a conference, for various reasons. They can get a ticket to the event, through the Scholarship.

This is a chance for them, to meet people they can learn from, see talks they can benefit from, a chance to step forward.

A chance for you to help someone in an excellent way for a reasonable price.

The past years, after we started this Program, we've actually changed someone's life for good!Imagine what is possible by helping with even more people!

How does the scholarship awarding works?

All applicants for the Scholarship Program has to go through an application procedure. Along with personal details for the tickets itself, we ask applicants a few questions about what they do in tech or what they wish to learn on the event. These answers are helpful for the jury, who will evaluate the applications and award the tickets.

We, the organizers, do not take part in the jury process. Every year we work with organizations that are specialized in career development and education in tech. They help us to evaluate the applications and select the awardees.

The application period is closed on March 24th, Sunday midnight.