2019 September 26-27


These workshops are FREE for every ticket holder of JSConf Budapest or a Combo ticket with CSSConf Budapest.

The workshops have limited seats, so be sure to get your ticketbefore they fill up! We'll open them slowly, so everyone has a chance to pick a workshop they like.

You will be able to register to a workshop using the ID on your ticket. If will be possible to switch the workshop you've picked later, if there is a free seat available on another workshop.

  • Let's jump on the JAMStack hype-train by SuperCharge

    24thSepAvailable SeatsN/A

    Nowadays JAMStack is becoming more and more popular in JavaScript community. Join us and find out what does the JAMStack means while building an e-commerce site with Gatsby and a Headless CMS.

  • Twilio Superclass by Twilio

    24thSepAvailable SeatsN/A

    Superclass is hands-on training for developers to learn how to use all things Twilio. Our engineers will be on hand to help as you work through code challenges in TwilioQuest, our self-paced training video game. There will be 8-bit music, prices and lot's of phone calls!

  • Integration Driven Development by Unmock.io

    24thSepAvailable SeatsN/A

    As the integration economy flourishes, authoring apps has never been easier. Tasks such as authentication, notifications, and search (to name a few) are now accessible via thousands of publicly available APIs. However, JavaScript is still a DIY language, with no native support for integrations and few established best practices. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to manage integrations as confidently as your own JavaScript code, helping you build resilient and robust apps around your core business logic.

  • High-Performance Microservices with GraphQL and Apollo by RisingStack

    24thSepAvailable SeatsN/A

    The attendees of this workshop are going to become more familiar with Apollo, both on the client and server side, and will learn how to implement both sides of a GraphQL server.