Updates on COVID-19

The current COVID-19 measures in effect in Hungary are aligned with the reactions of the countries of the region. This means everything is closed down until the end of April, and officials predict that this could last longer than two months.

How we prepare

Still, end of September looks promising, but we have to prepare a plan B and C for more pessimistic scenarios, namely:

  • delaying JSConf Budapest to the end of November, or
  • canceling 2020 entirely, moving the event to 2021.

Right now, we stick to the original schedule and aim to the original dates, with no delay, and no cancellation.

We will know more by the end of May or early June, then we are going to make our final decision and announce it to our attendees and the community. In any case, the tickets already bought will still be valid, and anyone who wishes will be refunded.

Until then, we keep going on with planning:

Plan ahead

We ask every participant to bear with us and plan ahead accordingly, to minimize the overhead prices of a possible reschedule or cancellation:

  • according to travel brokers, it’s worth to wait with plane booking until 40-50 days before the actual travel,
  • flight tickets can be rescheduled and canceled ahead in time, but make sure that these options are available, before making the final purchase,
  • hotels are the same, make sure you pick a booking that can be rescheduled or canceled cost-free

Most importantly, please keep safe, everyone. We really hope we’ll meet this year!