How do we spend your money

As we move on to our 2020 edition, we feel important to let our attendees know, how we spend all the money we receive from tickets and sponsors. So we’ve decided to compile a transparency report for everyone on the costs and incomes of JSConf Budapest 2019 and CSSConf Budapest 2019. This post can be useful for you, if you’re curious about our ticket pricing, or plan to run an event or conference in the future.

We’re a nonprofit event, which means that us, the organizers and volunteers, don’t get paid for the work we put into JSConf Budapest and CSSConf Budapest each year. We aim to spend every money on the conferences, to provide a better experience for the attendees.

A small note on being nonprofit: the legal entity behind the event, JSSC Kft is a for-profit company. It runs other events beside JSConf and CSSConf Budapest but keeps these projects financially separated from each other. As JSConf and CSSConf are dedicated to be a nonprofit event, we can be totally transparent of the budget for these events.

In 2020 we plan to achieve at least the same or better experience for everyone who participates in JSConf Budapest 2020, with the same ticket prices.


In 2019 we’ve received NET €181.368 from 2 sources, tickets and sponsorship. NET means this amount does not contain the taxes on tickets, which is the VAT or Value-Added Tax / commercial tax.

Looking at this number, this is a tremendous amount of money for us to think of, and we feel honored for the support of the community and partner companies.

😍Thank you! 💖


Don’t imagine that we sit on this amount of money and pay for everything at the end of the conferences. To optimize our budget and taxes, we try to spend every cent we earn each month. This doesn’t mean we try to avoid, or trick with taxes: the tax on the tickets and the tax on our expenses roughly balance each other out, so we pay most taxes through the services of our contractors.


We’re proud that we can pay the travel and stay of our speakers and MCs, besides the basic expenses like venue, catering, tech setup. The hotel of the speakers includes the weekend days after the event, so they can relax and discover the city - this might add a bit more on the hotel expenses, but also a nice addition for the speaker benefit package.

Catering and drinks are the largest expense, this includes the food with vegan/vegetarian and meat options, the soft drinks all day, and a party with open bar on both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to wrap up every conference day. The venue and tech setup is the next most costly item, this includes renting the whole place for 3 days + an afternoon on the 0th day to set things up, also all the tech we used, like projection, recording, and streaming.

The rest of the expenses were printing out passes, info signs, the backdrops and rollups for sponsors (which they could take away after the event). The travel and accommodation of Scholarship attendees, taxi for speakers and the team, marketing, amenities in the restrooms, cables and minor things that helped us to put those 3 days together.

For our finances we pay a team who make sure we do everything in order according to Hungarian EU tax laws - they are not part of the team, more like provide this as a service that we pay for.

In 2019 we’ve spent NET €184.250 on CSSConf Budapest and JSConf Budapest. These expenses are split by percentage like this:

Food & drinks
Speaker Travel
Speaker Hotel
Projection / Video recording
Scholarship travel & accomodation
Misc. expenses (taxi, accessories, marketing etc)

Your ticket

Like we’ve mentioned, we pay all these fully from the income we receive, there was no profit this year of any kind. It’s important to mention that without the support of our sponsors, we would have to increase ticket prices, to achieve the same level of experience as we could in 2019.

Without the support of the sponsors, each ticket would be 30% more expensive! So let’s take the opportunity and thank them again 👏💖

Thank you for reading this update on our past budget. Maybe we’ll see each other in 2020?

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